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LGNDR Leather



The legacy of the leather makes each piece unique.

Our leather products are made exclusively from traditionally crafted and vegetable-tanned full-grain cowhide. We journey to Tuscany for our saddle leather, which retains its natural colour and is otherwise untreated and raw.

The exclusive legacy of each hide is reflected in the natural creases and scuffs, which make each product absolutely unique. This is underlined by the different colour nuances of each individual piece, which can be attributed to the conscious decision to refrain from using opaque dyes. This allows the leather to develop its own patina over time and become more beautiful with each use.

The raw edges that are left after stamping the leather are then dyed and polished in an elaborate process. This is done by the meticulous hand-application of a special dye from Italy. After drying, the colour layer is polished and the process is repeated several times to seal the edges. Along with the refined surface of the leather. This creates a special look. Legendär’s leather goods are produced in a small leather manufactory near Sousse in Tunisia.

It was here where we found individuals who still uphold generations of this region’s cultural heritage and possess rare skills in quality leather crafting. They had been trained years before, by German bookbinders and fine bag-makers. They apply their knowledge of traditional crafting techniques and artisanry together with the skilled use of precision instruments and machines from Germany. Legendär creates products with contemporary design and generations of finest Maghrebi leather craftsmanship.

finest Maghrebi leather craftsmanship

LGNDR Document Folder HYDE

Seek no further: This document folder is not comparable to run-of-the-mill cardboard or plastic models available in office supply stores everywhere - 180.00 €.

LGNDR Mini Briefcase TRYP

Your trusted on-the-go companion. It’s the perfect way to take your documents, notes, cards and cash on a shopping spree – or on vacation. - 125.00 €.

LGNDR Leather Case ETWEE Long

A legendary case study - this neat little case is a sturdy beauty and a convenient everyday companion - 135.00 €.

LGNDR Leather Case ETWEE Long

A legendary case study - this neat little case is a sturdy beauty and a convenient everyday companion - 135.00 €.

LGNDR Leather Case ETWEE Short

Our case in point: Our short format is long on style. Use this practical and versatile case to carry business cards, cufflinks or earrings - 110.00 €.

LGNDR Leather Case ETWEE Square

Our just in case: our ‘square’ format is still small enough to take with you, ETWEE also looks good on your desk or night table - 170.00 €.

LGNDR Leather Case ETWEE Sleek

The case at hand: Perfectly suited for carrying and caring for one or two favourite writing utensils - 90.00 €.


The welcome (to work) mat. It makes working or writing on it a pleasure and protects your desk in style - 290.00 €.


Unsplit and with a full thickness of 2.5 mm, SLYDE will cultivate your home office or corporate workplace - 60.00 €.

LGNDR Leather Coaster DRYNK

Sold as a set of four, each DRYNK coaster is made from a single piece of premium raw saddle leather with a thickness of 2.5 millimetres - 55.00 €.