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A classic of our time. LEGENDÄR stands for products that combine traditional craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Always puristic in design. And yet always with pleasure in the beauty of things. Equipped with a clear attitude and openness for visions, LEGENDÄR wants to be a pioneer and value keeper. With objects for daily use. They stimulate the senses, look good, smell good, feel good and are a pleasure to use.
Simple. To the point. LEGENDÄR.

LGNDR Brass Pens

The heavyweight champions among writing instruments. This sturdy 35 gram ballpoint pen and pencil are precision-milled from a single piece of solid brass using CNC technology.
The polished surface features a temporary non-tarnishing finish.
The finish gradually disappears after a few days of use, but can also be buffed away with a soft cloth.


LGNDR Scents

LGNDR Scents. Sophistication can be so simple.

A bottle of magic and magnetism for men and women. Fragrances of character. Complex compositions. Bouquets of clarity. Classic contemporaries. Heady, yet wholesome. Liquid artisanry. Composed by Lyn Harris.

The LEGENDÄR Scents are two very distinctive unisex fragrances: Bigarade Santal and Juniper Leather.

Simple scents that satisfy the nose and complement the wearer. Smells that arouse desire without being overpowering and intrinsically appeal to both men and women. Natural, yet intoxicating. An homage to perfume artisanry and as always: Simple. To the point.


LGNDR Document Folder

Seek no further: LGNDR Document Folder HYDE

This document folder may be based on run-of-the-mill cardboard or plastic models available in office supply stores everywhere, but it couldn’t be more special. Produced from a single skin of finest saddle leather, this premium hide remains unsplit with a full thickness of approximately 2.5 mm. The leather is vegetable-tanned in artisan tradition and then dyed. To maintain the body and flexibility, it is rubbed with leather fat and otherwise untreated. This also allows HYDE to develop its rich patina, enhancing its beauty with age.

The outside front cover is debossed with our LGNDR rhombi-cross logo. To secure your documents for safe and stately keeping, HYDE features two black elasticized textile bands that are held in place with solid brass rivets.


LGNDR Leather Cases

A legendary case study: LGNDR Leather Case ETWEE

This neat little cases are sturdy beauty and a convenient everyday companions. The full-grain cowhide leather outer features supple lining leather on the inside. The case relies completely on a folded design with adhesive bonding, and securely closes on the front side with a magnetic flap. The unaltered and nearly raw leather is precisely that – rawhide, which embraces the natural folds on the neck of the animal and the occasional flaw. This also makes each ETWEE absolutely unique and is further emphasized by the singularity of the different color nuances of each individual piece. ETWEE is available in three sizes and in the colors Chestnut, Mokka and Black


LGNDR Mousepads

Smooth control: LGNDR Mouse Pad SLYDE

LGNDR SLYDE is a mouse pad produced in full-grain cowhide saddle leather. Unsplit and with a full thickness of 2.5 cm, SLYDE will cultivate your home office or corporate workplace. On a vegetable-tanned, but otherwise untreated surface of 22 x 25.5 cm, you’ll be pointing, clicking, dragging, dropping and scrolling in style. SLYDE features our debossed LGNDR logo and is available in the colors Chestnut, Mokka and Black. It develops a rich patina over time and we like to think of SLYDE as our contribution to your work-life balance.